Pork Wholesale Cuts Meat Online – What You Need To Know

There are many companies who buy pork wholesale meat online.  It is very important to take into consideration various aspects before choosing a meat trading company to buy from.

To begin with, one important consideration is price.  You need to do your research, by examining various meat trading companies and their prices, to ensure that you get a low price.  Since we are dealing with huge quantities of pork meat, even the slightest price difference makes a huge profit differential.

Another important aspect is the way payments are handled. Each meat trading company has their own terms and conditions, that you need to be aware of.  For example, some companies may require the buyer to pay within 15 business days of the invoice date.  Failure of doing so may be subject to penalties and interest rate.

In addition, a wholesale pork meat buyer needs to verify the delivery date promised by the buyer, and make sure they agree with the buyer on that.

One of the most important factors to consider is quality control inspection and defects.  The potential buyer needs to verify and agree with the terms set forth by the meat trading company.  For example, a seller might claim that loss of weight of the meat due to refrigeration will not be considered a defect if it’s less than one percent.

The buyer needs to inspect the meat purchased thoroughly upon delivery.  Once they notice any defects they should notify the seller in writing or orally within three calendar days.

Finally, the buyer has to agree on the liability in damages in case of defective goods.  Since we are dealing with large quantities it is very important to go through the terms and conditions of the meat trading company and agree on the terms before making a purchase.  It’s always prudent to make a smaller test purchase with a supplier to verify that the quality of the meat is good, that they deliver on time, and that they offer a pleasant buying experience, before making a large quantity order.

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Wholesale Pork Cuts – The Various Parts of the Pig

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When buying wholesale pork cuts, it is very important to be aware of the various parts of the pig, and the different sub-sections of the pig’s anatomy.

This way you know of all the options you have when you buy wholesale pork meat online.

So without further ado, here are the various pork cuts and their sub-sections.

  Cuts-Pork Upper

  Cuts-Pork Middle
   Middle, Bone in
             with tenderloin
   Middle, Deboned
             without tenderloin
   Back bsd

  Cuts-Pork Lower

  Cuts-Pork offal’s
   Fore Foot
   Hind Foot
   Tongue, Swiss cut
   Leaf Fat

  Cuts-Pork for manufacturing
   Shank meat
   Topside Muscle
   Silverside Muscle
   Thick flank
   Chump, deboned,
             rindless, without fat
   Belly trimmings,
             with rind
   Back fat, thick, with
             rind and meat
   Neck Fat
   Back Fat, rind
   Back Fat
   Pork Trimmings

  Cuts-Pork Ribs
   Loin Rib
   Sparerib (belly),
             without breast-bone
   Soft Bone

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